Reset password

This feature allows to reset a password and set the reset at next connection flag.

To enable this feature:

$use_resetpassword = true;

When changing the password, you can force the user to reset it at next connection. To configure the default value presented in the form:

$resetpassword_reset_default = true;

If you do not want to let the choice to reset at next connection, you can hide this button:

$use_resetpassword_resetchoice = false;

In this case, the value set in $resetpassword_reset_default will be applied.

Notify user by mail

You can notify the user by mail when the password is reset:

$notify_on_change = true;

To do so you need to configure mail (see Mail).

Notify administrator by mail

$notify_admin_by_mail_list is a a php array list of mails of admins to set directly in service-desk configuration.

$header_name_notify_admin_by_mail is name of header that will be provided to cgi script as HTTP_$header_name_notify_admin_by_mail to set administrator mail from webserver. This setting allows webserver to select an administrator mail related to current http session. Its value should be a valid mail according to rfc822

If those are set any administrator mail will receive a notification that user password was changed.

Remark this is not controled by $notify_on_change, which is only for user.

$notify_admin_by_mail_list=array( '','' '');

To do so you need to configure mail (see Mail).